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The Calculated Figures books, the Old/New/Band of/Good Friends CDs and books, the Fast Friends CD and book, and the Mr. Roodman's Fancies CD and book may be purchased directly from Gary or from any of the sources listed below.  

To order from Gary, you may

                    ==> (Gary is now offering some Buy One/Get One Deals!   See below.) <==

1. Complete the attached Printable Form and send it to him (it has all the prices and Gary's address),   or
2. Send him an E-Mail message with the same information (again, see the printable form for prices and Gary's address),  or
3. Call him at 413-586-2888.  He will tell you what you owe, and you can send him your check,  or
4. In the U.S., you may use PayPal-U.S. to purchase books and CDs with a credit card.   (It does cost a little more this way).   
International Customers: Payment for all of our international sales (including to Canada) are now processed through PayPal.   After we receive your order, we will send you a PayPal request via email for the total amount due, including postage.

You may also purchase books and CDs from

  • The Country Dance and Song Society:  Web Site  or  E-Mail
  • The New England Folk Arts Center:  Web Site
  • Folk Sales (Ann & Derek Appleing):  E-Mail
  • Anglo-American Dance Service (Luc and Frieda Blancke): Web Site  or  E-Mail
  • Any of the Musicians (see our CD Page).
  • The Boston Centre for the Fast Friends CD:  Web Site
  • CD Baby for the Good Friends and Mr. Roodman's Fancies CDs:  Web Site
We are now offering Buy One/Get One deals on some of our Calculated Figures stuff.   Foolish ordering decisions over many years have left us with way too many of the following 3 C/F books and 1 CD and book:
Additional Calculated Figures (Vol. 2):   Includes Dancing Wife, Good Man of Cambridge, Handel with Care, New Beginning, Trip to Greene, and 9 other dances.
Sum Further Calculated Figures (Vol. 3):   Includes Cadgers' Caper, Dovetail, Marching to Praetorius, Wibsey Roundabout, Twenty-Something, Winter Dreams,, and 9 other dances.
Prime Calculated Figures (Vol. 7):   Includes After Dinner Maggot, Charlene's Celebration, Hand in Hand, Playing (in) the Field, Vivaldi in Paradise, Whately Barn , and 9 other dances.
Band of Friends CD:   Includes After Dinner Maggot, Charlene's Celebration, Far Away, Honeysuckle Cottage, Whately Barn, Whiskey Before Dinner, and 10 other dances.
HERE'S THE DEAL:   Buy any C/F book and get one of the three C/F books listed above for free. OR buy any CD and companion book and get the B of F CD and companion book free.   These discounts are all reflected on the Order Form.  

You may order any combination of items you like, but here are some examples of Good Deals:
All 6 CDs:   Recorded music for 96 dances
Savings = $16  (16.7%)
All 13 Calculated Figures books:   Instructions for 192 dances (with the sheet music)
Savings = $24   (23.0%)
All 6 CDs with the 6 companion books:   Recorded music for 96 dances with instructions for all of them (no sheet music)
Savings = $23   (16.4%)
All 6 CDs and all 13 Calculated Figures books:   Instructions for 192 dances (with the sheet music) and recordings for 96 of them
Savings = $40   (20%)