A Re-Examination of Laisteridge Lane

        Here is an alternative B2 for "Laisteridge Lane" which I wrote in 1993.   In the original dance (as it appears in the Sum Further . . . and Old Friends books), B2 is a rapid double progression that people seem to like very much when they can master it.  The problem is that many dancers never quite get it.  Until I heard the music for this dance on the Old Friends CD, I had resigned myself to the fact that the dance would forever be a cultivated taste--not for everyone.  But the music on the CD is wonderful!  It absolutely demands that you get up and dance.  I thought it was a pity to waste all that good musical energy on something that was not too accessible, hence this alternative B2.  It is still a double progression, but it's a little easier to do.

Duple Minor Longways
Historical English Style
Double Progression


First corner people (in second corner positions) change places; then second corner people change place.   (This is the first progression.)
Everyone two-hand turn once around with partner; first couple cast down one place, while second couple leads up one place (into second progressed positions) to form new lines of four and begin again.

Copyright Gary M. Roodman 2003
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