Changing the Title of Helene
        This dance is fine, but I need to change the name to “Helene’s Gavotte” .   The dance is dedicated to Helene Cornelius, so naturally I named the dance “Helene” when I published it.  For reasons I am not able to re-create, at the moment of the naming decision Colin Hume’s beautiful dance, “Helena”, was completely off my radar.   The two names are pronounced slightly differently (Hélena vs. Heléne), but the difference is too subtle for anyone to remember.  Within weeks of publishing A Number of Calculated Figures, I realized my mistake, but, procrastinator that I am, I only recently decided what to do.   The music for the dance is a Gavotte, so the name change makes sense, even if it is long overdue.

Copyright Gary M. Roodman 2004
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