A Re-Design of The Designing Woman

        Here is a slightly modified version of the A part of “The Designing Woman”.  My experience teaching it suggests that it a little too unusual to be enjoyable.  “Unusual” is good, I think, as long as dancers find it natural to do the figure after they understand what you are asking for.  With the original A part, even good dancers never seem to relax and simply enjoy it.  That means, I think, that the figure requires too much concentration every time it comes around.  The new version is similar to the original but a little easier to remember.
        Vivaldi’s music for this dance is beautiful, and there is a wonderful recording of it on the New Friends CD.  I hope this change will help the music to be more widely enjoyed.
        The instructions for the new A part are available in PDF format which I hope will be usable by most people.   If you would like to have a hard copy, just send me a note.

        Click here:   The Designing Woman-Redesigned

Copyright Gary M. Roodman 2005
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