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I am very pleased that there are many videos of my dances--live-action and animated--on the web.   The first table below has a selection of links to videos of real people doing my dances at real events.   Below that are two tables of animations done by two really talented computer-type people, Keith Wood and George Williams.   Finally, at the bottom, is a video of a group of high school students doing some of my dances.

After Dinner Maggot  
Alexander's Birth Day  
Ani's Waltz  
Anna Turns Five  
Apollo's Hunt  
Autumn Moon  
Band of Friends  
Belle of Amherst  
Belle of Greensboro  
Benjamin's Birthday  
Birthday Branle  
Birthday Jubilee  
Bring Me Flowers  
Cadgers' (original) Caper  
Cadgers' (OTHER) Caper  
Charlene's Celebration  
The Dancing Wife  
Don't Go Yet  
Double Duet  
Double Jubilee  
Emma Turns Three (~23:45)  
Fair Ladies Palmer  
Far Away  
Fine Companions Waltz  
The Fine Lady of Homewood  
Forget Me Not  
Fostering Traditions  
Fret and Rejoice  
Good Man of Cambridge  
Handel with Care  
Henry's Other Hornpipe  
The Homecoming  
Honeysuckle Cottage  
The Invitation  
Joy(ce) of the Town  
Kneeland Romp  
Land of Mist and Wonder  
Leaps and Bounds  
Lichfield Ruby Surprise  
Marching to Praetorius  
Mary K  
Midwinter Maggot  
A Mover and Shaker  
Mr. Adson's Masque  
Mr. Chopin's Waltz  
Mr. Handel's Gigue  
A New Beginning  
Our Cheers  
Peter and Peggy  
Playing (in) the Field  
Ramblin' Rosie  
The Retiring Fellow  
Say I Do  
Signs of Spring  
Silver Lining  
Solstice Snow, A  
Stockport Assembly  
Tennessee Dawn  
Trip to Chippenham  
Trip to Erin  
Trip to the Manors  
Trip to Stonington  
True Kit  
Turning By Threes  
Upon the Morning Breeze  
Vivaldi in Paradise  
Waiting on the Corner  
Whately Barn  
Whiskey Before Dinner  
Wibsey Roundabout  
Wibsey Roundabout  
Winter Dreams  
The Wrights of Lichfield  

Keith has done animations of all the dances on three of my CDs,
Old Friends, Band of Friends and Good Friends.
After Dinner Maggot  
Alexander’s Birthday  
Ani's Waltz  
Anna Turns Five  
Audrey and Andrea  
Autumn Moon  
Band of Friends  
Benjamin's Birthday  
Birthday Branle  
Birthday Jubilee  
Cadgers' Other Caper  
Charlene’s Celebration  
Dear Abby  
Far Away  
Fine Lady of Homewood  
Forget Me Not  
Fostering Tradition  
Good Man of Antwerp  
Good Man of Cambridge  
Hand in Hand  
The Homecoming  
Honeysuckle Cottage  
The Invitation  
Laisteridge Lane  
Laisteridge Lane, Return to  
Leaps and Bounds  
Marching to Praetorius  
Mevagissey Car Park  
A Mover and Shaker  
Mr. Adson's Masque  
A New Beginning  
New Hampshire Nocturne  
Nina's Smile  
Old Friends  
Playing (in) the Field  
A Quick Romp in the Hey  
A Retiring Fellow  
Say I Do  
Silver Lining  
Square Line Special  
Trip to Chippenham  
Trip to the Manors  
True Kit  
Turning By Threes  
Twenty Something  
Vivaldi in Paradise  
Whately Barn  
Whiskey Before Dinner  
Winter Dreams  
The Wrights of Lichfield  

George has animated !all! the dances I have published (as of August 2020),
including ones for which there is no recorded music yet   (no music).

Accord for Pinewoods   Good Man of Antwerp   Oxford Hill Stomp no music
After Dinner Maggot   The Good Man of Cambridge   Peace and Plenty
Alexander's Birth Day   Goodman Gigue no music   Perennial Friends no music
And Now, the Fourcast no music   Grand Mother Circle no music   Peter & Peggy
Ani's Waltz   Hand in Hand   Playing (in) the Field
Ann Arbor Hornpipe no music   Handel with Care   Promise of Spring no music
Anna Turns Five   Happily Emma After no music   Queen of Heart no music
Anna's Arrival no music   The Happy Return no music   A Quick Romp in the Hey
Apollo's Hunt   Helene's Gavotte   Ramblin' Rosie
Audrey and Andrea   Henry's Hornpipe   Rational Reel no music
Autumn Grove no music   Henry's Other Hornpipe   Redwood Romp no music
Autumn Moon   Hideaway   Renewal no music
Autumn on the River no music   The Homecoming   A Retiring Fellow
Band of Friends   Honeysuckle Cottage   Rise and Run no music
Bell Tower Bourée   Honeysuckle Cottage ~ Mod   Rowena's Waltz no music
The Belle of Amherst   Hopkinton Lasses no music   Sarah
The Belle of Greensboro   Horseplay   Sarah's Waltz Mixer no music
The Belle of Northampton no music   Inauguration Day no music   Say “I Do”
Benjamin's Birth Day   The Invitation   Signs of Spring no music
Betty's Celebration no music   It's a Draw no music   Silver Lining
Birthday Branle   Jensen's Hornpipe no music   Social Symmetry no music
Birthday Greetings   Johnson City Circle   A Solstice Snow
Birthday Jubilee   Joy(ce) of the Town   Sperantsa no music
Boring Meeting Maggot no music   Just Passing Through no music   Spring Allegro no music
Bring Me Flowers (3 Couples) no music   Keys in the Fridge no music   Square Line Special
Bring Me Flowers (5 Couples) no music   Kitty at the Door no music   Stephanie's Waltz no music
Cadger's Caper no music   Kneeland Romp   Stockport Assembly
Cadger's Other Caper   The Ladies of the Vale no music   Stride Stately
California Sunshine   Return to Laisteridge Lane   Swift and Quickly no music
Camp House Hornpipe no music   Laisteridge Lane   Tempest Jig no music
Capital Lads   Land of Mist and Wonder   Tennessee Dawn no music
A Celt's New Dance   Lathrop House no music   Terpsícourante
Charlene's Celebration   Leaps and Bounds   Terpsícourante Alternate
Chestnut Farewell no music   Lichfield's Ruby Surprise   Three's Company Twelve's a Crowd
Christine   Little Bug Reel no music   A Toast to the Fiddler no music
Cold Comfort no music   Look Park no music   Top of the Deck no music
Coming and Going no music   Lost and Found no music   Trip to Ashville no music
Coming and Going - Revisited no music   Marching to Praetorius   Trip to Chippenham
Crabapple Lane no music   Margherita's Waltz no music   Trip to Erin no music
The Cressons   The Married Andrews no music   Trip to Greene
Crimson Velvet no music   Mary Ann's Waltz no music   Trip to Komodo
The Dancing Wife   Mary K   Trip to Stonington
The David Circle no music   The Matching Pair no music   Trip to Stonington - Revisited
Dear Abby   The Matching Pair (Shortened) no music   Trip to the Manors
The Designing Woman   Maybe Mozart no music   Triple Play no music
The Designing Woman - Redesigned   Memorial Day   True Kit
Dick's (Alternate) Maggot no music   Merry Boyce and Girls no music   Turning by Threes
Don't Go Yet no music   Mevagissey Car Park   Turning Point no music
A Double Duet   Mevagissey Car Park ~ Revisited   Twenty-Something
Double Jubilee   Midwinter Maggot   Unionville Square no music
Dovetail   Mother Jones' Jig no music   Upon the Morning Breeze no music
Dudley's Reel no music   A Mover and Shaker   Village Brawl no music
Emerald Isle no music   Mr. Adson's Masque   Vivaldi in Paradise
Emma Turns Three   Mr. Bach's Gavotte no music   Waltham Abbey no music
The Fair Ladies Palmer no music   Mr. Chopin's Waltz   The Wedding of Mai and David no music
Far Away   Mr. Handel's Gigue   Welcome to Winter no music
Fast Friends   Mr. Handel's Rigaudon no music   Westchester Assembly no music
Father's Day   Mr. Jensen's Gift no music   Whately Barn
Fine Companions Waltz no music   Mr. Roodman's Fancy   Whiskey Before Dinner
The Fine Fiddler no music   Mr. Roodman's Fancy - Reexamined   Wibsey Roundabout
The Fine Lady of Homewood   A New and Awful Dignity no music   Wiesler's Romp no music
Forget Me Not   A New Beginning   Winter Dreams
Fostering Traditions   New Friends   A Winter's Day no music
Four for Four no music   New Hampshire Nocturne   The Woodcock no music
Four Score and Ten no music   The New Wood Floor no music   Woodlands Waltz no music
Four Valentines no music   Nina's Smile   Worth the Wait no music
Fret and Rejoice   Old Friends   The Wrights of Lichfield
Going For Gold (4Cpl) no music   Old Muscles Grumble no music   Waiting on the Corner no music
Going For Gold (6Cpl) no music   Our Cheers  

SPECIAL TREAT:   John Ramsay teaches country dancing to home-schoolers in the St. Louis area.   In February 2015 he did me the honor of organizing a Ball for his students that featured my dances.   The whole event was put on VIDEO.    Here is a list of the dances that were done, along with the times where they appear:

  Anna Turns Five 1:50
  Alexander's Birthday 10:10
  Ani's Waltz 5:50
  Band of Friends 18:15
  Emma Turns Three 23:45
  Honeysuckle Cottage 21:10
  Horseplay 16:30
  Mevagissey Car Park 15:30

  It's a pleasure to see these young people at their big event doing my material.