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Over the last several years, I have been pleased to see on the web an enormous number of videos of English country dances, including some of mine.   As I find links to my dances, I have been collecting them.   I may not I have them all, but here are the ones I have found.   I am hoping the videos will be useful to the many people who sometimes have trouble figuring out my dances.
After Dinner Maggot  
Alexander's Birth Day (~10:10)  
Ani's Waltz  
Anna Turns Five  
Apollo's Hunt  
Autumn Moon  
Belle of Amherst  
Belle of Greensboro  
Benjamin's Birthday  
Birthday Branle  
Birthday Jubilee  
Bring Me Flowers  
Cadgers' (original) Caper  
Charlene's Celebration  
The Dancing Wife  
Don't Go Yet  
Double Duet  
Double Jubilee  
Emma Turns Three (~23:45)  
Fair Ladies Palmer  
Far Away  
Fine Companions Waltz  
Fine Lady of Homewood, The  
Forget Me Not  
Fostering Traditions  
Fret and Rejoice  
Good Man of Cambridge  
Handel with Care  
Hand in Hand  
Henry's Other Hornpipe  
The Homecoming  
Honeysuckle Cottage (~21:10)  
The Invitation  
Joy(ce) of the Town  
Kneeland Romp  
Land of Mist and Wonder  
Lichfield Ruby Surprise  
Marching to Praetorius  
Mary K  
Midwinter Maggot  
A Mover and Shaker (~1:25)  
Mr. Adson's Masque  
Mr. Chopin's Waltz  
Mr. Handel's Gigue  
A New Beginning  
Our Cheers  
Peter and Peggy  
Playing (in) the Field  
A Quick Romp in the Hey  
Ramblin' Rosie  
The Retiring Fellow  
Say I Do  
Silver Lining  
Solstice Snow, A  
Stockport Assembly  
Tennessee Dawn  
Trip to Chippenham  
Trip to the Manors  
Trip to Stonington  
True Kit  
Turning By Threes  
Vivaldi in Paradise  
Waiting on the Corner  
Whately Barn  
Whiskey Before Dinner  
Wibsey Roundabout  
Winter Dreams  
Wrights of Lichfield  

SPECIAL TREAT:   John Ramsay teaches country dancing to home-schoolers in the St. Louis area.   In February 2015 he did me the honor of organizing a Ball for his students that featured my dances.   The whole event was put on VIDEO.    Here is a list of the dances that were done, along with the times where they appear:

  Anna Turns Five 1:50
  Alexander's Birthday 10:10
  Ani's Waltz 5:50
  Band of Friends 18:15
  Emma Turns Three 23:45
  Honeysuckle Cottage 21:10
  Horseplay 16:30
  Mevagissey Car Park 15:30

  The dancing is exuberant but very good.   It's a pleasure to see these young people at their big event doing my material.